Winpopup LAN Messenger

Cost-effective secure Instant Messaging software.


LAN Messenger

Winpopup LAN Messenger is a modern-day replacement of the old Winpopup utility. It offers instant intra-office communication over the local area network, with no Internet connection or IP address required.

On-Line and Off-Line Messaging

Winpopup LAN Messenger supports on-line and off-line instant messaging thanks to its dual-mode server and serverless support. In the server mode Winpopup LAN Messenger improves messaging security by adding support for server-based user authentication.

Serverless Messaging

Winpopup LAN Messenger can be run over the network without a dedicated messaging server. In this mode, Winpopup LAN Messenger will automatically detect and display all users available on the local network.

Group Messaging and Online Conferences

Communicate instantly with a group of employees, having an on-line conference with a few mouse clicks. You can have an unlimited number of sessions open at the same time, each session supporting either a single person chat or a group conference.

Winpopup LAN Messenger has powerful group management, allowing users create private and common groups. Private groups are typical for all instant messengers, and are created by every user to help arrange multiple contacts in a meaningful way. However, Winpopup LAN Messenger supports a different type of groups called 'common groups'. These groups are defined by administrator. Users can join or leave these common groups only if allowed by the administrator.

No Internet Connection and No IP Address Required

Winpopup LAN Messenger uses modern protocol, and does not require an external connection to the Internet. All messages remain within your corporate network. No information is ever transmitted outside of your LAN.

Easy Installation

In its serverless mode, Winpopup LAN Messenger requires no special expertise and no efforts to install. All you need to do is installing a copy of Winpopup LAN Messenger on every Windows PC on your network.

Full Emoticon Support

Winpopup LAN Messenger supports 'smileys', or emoticons, to pass users' mood to each other.

File Transfer

Email is a standard way of sending documents these days, even between co-workers within the same room. But just think of an idea that your files attached to an e-mail message are sent to some server somewhere on the Internet, unprotected and exposed to all kind of attacks!

Winpopup LAN Messenger sends files between the users in a completely different manner. All files are protected with strong RC4 encryption, and they never leave your local network. No unknown servers and no malicious attackers to steal your company's trade secrets!

Full Message History

Are you concerned that your employees might spend precious time discussing the weather outside instead of that urgent project? Relieve this concern with Winpopup LAN Messenger message logs at client and server side. All conversations are logged and are available for future review.

Two Dynamic User Interfaces

You can easily switch Winpopup LAN Messenger into a simple view resembling well-known messengers such as ICQ or MSN Messenger, this dramatically decreasing the time your eployees need to learn the new product.

Command Line and DLL Interfaces

Need to send messages from your application or a script? Winpopup LAN Messenger comes with a command-line tool NetSend.exe and a well-documented DLL that exports six simple functions that provide instant messaging functionality to your application. C++ and C# examples are also available.